This week is the turn of our little Habana!
Habana is one of the puppies from Tesla, who arrived when she was pregnant to the shelter, so she went to a foster home where she had the babies.
Habana is the bigger sister of six puppies, she is a very smart girl and very playful too.
She will never suffer an abandon and she will be a very sociable and happy girl.
Havana loves being with people, currently she is in a foster home where she is living with other dogs and she gets along really well with all of them. She is still too young to determinate why behaviour she will have but we are sure she will be a perfect galga. Soon she will have all her vaccinations and she will be able to learn how to walk properly with the leash and to enjoy playing with other dogs.
As every puppy she loves playing, running and investigating new places. Do you want her to be part of your life and teach her everything she should learn?
Adopt our little Habana! She will be your loyal friend forever.