SAMOA finds the sofa!
4 July, 2017
Guinea is looking for her forever home
6 July, 2017


Our dog of the week is the lovely Guinea!

Guinea is a sweet black galga that is about 7 years old. Although she is older than most of our galgos at the shelter you would never know it! She has a playfulness and  energy of a younger dog and still loves to be in the mix with the other dogs and volunteers.

We hope her age isn’t putting people off but we can’t think of another reason why no-one has asked about her..!


Guinea is a loving, affectionate and an all around sweetheart. Despite her tragic history she really is a well balanced, happy dog.

She was found in a field in Sevilla by some people who got in touch so she could come to our shelter. They thought she had recently given birth to puppies given the condition she was in. Unfortunately we don’t know how she came to be in that field, she may have been abandoned after someone was done using her for breeding or maybe someone found the puppies in the field and took them…we just don’t know.

Guinea gets on well with the other dogs and the shelter and is not fearful or dominant. She enjoys playing with the dogs and volunteers as well as a good pampering session with plenty of strokes and cuddles.


Guinea has adapted well to her change in environment and has settled in well at the shelter but it is no substitute for the care and affection of a loving forever home. Guinea might not know what it’s like to have a family of her own but her adaptability has proven she will slot into family life well.

Although you wouldn’t know it Guinea is an older dog and we feel it’s about time she got to enjoy her life as part of a loving forever family. Guinea would suit most homes and does not require any special care, she is healthy and fit, she just needs someone to give her a second chance.

You can see a video of Guinea playing here and here.

If you are interested in adopting Guinea get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Guinea!

And if you would like to see further information about Guinea you can find it here.