20 January, 2020
29 January, 2020


The marvelous of Gala is the star of the week.

This beautiful nine year old greyhound was rescued in Jaén with a trap cage. Her live was in a big risk: she was living across the train tracks, so we feared the worst would happen any moment. After several unsuccessful attempts, finally she was rescued and since then she lived in a shelter.

Gala is a very very sweet and calm dog. At the beginning she shows up a bit cautious with strangers but immediately she loves being touched by anyone who comes to caress and pamper her for a while.

At the shelter she lives surrounded with few more dogs, which thanks to her wonderful submissive and balanced character make her the best companion for any dog. Gala tolerates dogs company, but not cats one.

Gala´s dream is to find a family that gives her all the love she deserves. She just ask that and of course a little bed where she can lay and sleep warm every day as the queen she is. Are you the ideal family that is looking for a perfect dog like Gala? Adopt her!

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