23 April, 2020
5 May, 2020


Our lovely Fleki is the star of this week!

This beautiful lady is about to turn 5 years old. She was rescued by our colleagues from La Guarida, in Córdoba. Since she arrived at the end of October last year, no one has been interested in adopting her and we don’t know why since she is such a sweet and calm dog. She has already been with us for 6 months and it´s time to find her a forever home!

We are sure that Fleki´s life wasn’t easy in the beginning; maybe this is why she is shy and cautious with strangers, but once she feels confident and relaxed with a person, she will approach them and will allow to be caressed and pampered without any hesitation. She needs her space in the beginning to feel comfortable and confident.

Fleki currently lives in a residence where she shares her space and playtime with other dogs. We are happy to say that she gets along with all of them, both males or females! She is both submissive and quiet but very sweet!


She will need a family that will allow her to feel safe and loved; a place where she can finally relax and to reciprocate that love and gentleness with her new family. Would you like to give this sweetie a chance? Adopt her!


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