Dog of the Week

12 October, 2017


Today Syros is our dog of the week and he deserves it!   When they found Syros in Alozaina (Málaga) he was extremely skinny and with […]
5 October, 2017


And the dog of the week is…Malfoy! This puppy is a lovely dog, that is 8 month old. He came from a olive-tree field where was […]
28 September, 2017


Today the dog of the week is a lovely greyhound called Nanit! Nanit came from a shelter of Madrid with another dos called Te. They stayed […]
10 August, 2017


Jen came to our shelter from Olivera in Huelva. She had been on the streets and some cruel people had been tormeting her and spray painted […]
3 August, 2017


Klaus is our dog of the week and we know the perfect home is just around the corner! Klaus was found on the side of the […]