Dog of the Week

15 March, 2018


Fresita is our next dog of the week. “Fresita” means “small strawberry” and as her name says, she is a cute sweet girl. She arrived with […]
8 March, 2018


This week we bring you a very very sweet girl, Yamila! Yamila is a galga who was wandering on the streets until she started being lucky […]
1 March, 2018


Norma, our sweet 7 years old galga is today our dog of the week. Norma, as many of the dogs we receive, one day she became useless […]
22 February, 2018


This week we introduce you to this little girl, she is not a galgo but she also deserves to find a forever family. Luna is an […]
15 February, 2018


The boy we bring to you this week is one that, like so many of them, became useless. Our Dante, being only 2 years old, has been […]