Dog of the Week

27 May, 2019


This is Uva! The dog that was handed with Lucia by their galguero. She is affectionate, playful and has not fears. Uva loves to play with […]
13 May, 2019


Enki, are you ready? This is your week! He is a very nice and cheerful dog, despite the fact that life has not made it easy…Although […]
6 May, 2019


Do you remember Rafa? He’s two years old and he’s a little shy and sweet boy. Rafa was living on the streets in a town of […]
29 April, 2019


Lina is another beautiful dog that is too much time waiting for a family, that’s why this week she is the star! She arrived being a […]
22 April, 2019


Do you still not know Fatima? She is a quiet, affectionate girl and she is eager to be part of your family. For more information click […]