Dog of the Week

8 January, 2020


Momoa is our dog of the week, a little puppy which, not even Santa Claus and the Three Magic Kings granted her the wish to find […]
24 December, 2019


Do you still don’t know Dante, our marvelous dog of the week!? Stop for a second to meet him! Our dear Dante came from La Guarida, […]
16 December, 2019


Are you ready to fall in love with our dog of the week? Here is the wonderful Aldo!! Aldo is still a mastiff puppy originally from […]
10 December, 2019


And the star of this week is… Indio!  Unfortunately, the story of our lovely Indio isn’t any different from the rest of the greyhound´s stories. This […]
2 December, 2019


This week is Bimba´s turn! We introduce you our lovely doggy Bimba!  Do not miss the story of Bimba because it has no waste. Come with […]