Dog of the Week

19 July, 2018


Nela is our dog of the week! Nela was given to us by her galguero so that we could find her a forever home. She is […]
28 June, 2018


Diana is our dog of the week! Diana like so many of her kind has had a really tough life before being rescued. She was taken […]
21 June, 2018


This week we bring you the beautiful yet timid Jaranda. Jarada has spent many years living with a galguero and has never known love or human […]
7 June, 2018


This happy lady we present to you this week is Duchess! Duchess was barely two years old when she arrived at our shelter from a pound […]
17 May, 2018


This week we bring you Yana! Yana is a black beauty that is currently at a different shelter. Like so many before she was abandoned by […]