Dog of the Week

5 October, 2017


And the dog of the week is…Malfoy! This puppy is a lovely dog, that is 8 month old. He came from a olive-tree field where was […]
28 September, 2017


Today the dog of the week is a lovely greyhound called Nanit! Nanit came from a shelter of Madrid with another dos called Te. They stayed […]
10 August, 2017


Jen came to our shelter from Olivera in Huelva. She had been on the streets and some cruel people had been tormeting her and spray painted […]
3 August, 2017


Klaus is our dog of the week and we know the perfect home is just around the corner! Klaus was found on the side of the […]
27 July, 2017


Although Dyango is not a galgo he still desperately needs a forever home and that is why he is our ‘dog of the week’!! Dyango had been […]