11 August, 2016
25 August, 2016


This week we have two ´dogs of the week´to share with you – presenting the dynamic duo of Cuqui and Amador!!


Cuqui and Amador are two whippets who have been together their whole lives, so they are inseparable. They love to be together, sleep together and play together. We would love it if they could find their forever home together!!

They were used to breed, but as they are not able to that their owner gave them to us and they came to our shelter. We believe in love and know that they love each other, so we want them to live their lives together.


These two lovebirds are both extremely sociable and not at all fearful or dominant. They get on well with all the galgos at the shelter and have not trouble keeping up with the ´big boys´when it comes to a game of fetch or a dip in the doggie pool.

Although small in stature they are full of character and personality. You will be entertained for hours watching them play together.


We are certain these two would make a fantastic addition to any household that is willing to love them and care for them. They are very affectionate and are always on the look out for an opportunity for more strokes and cuddles from our volunteers.

If you are interested in adopting Cuqui and Amador get in touch!

You can find out more about these two sweethearts at