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It’s Laly’s time. She is one of the lovest dog by our volunteers, and it’s not only because she is beautiful, it’s also because Laly is a sweet and loving dog.
Laly’s story is not the typical story of an of an abused dog by an unscrupulous hunter, but it does not make it prettier. Laly came to our shelter after leaving the home of a person with a disease, Noah’s syndrome. With this disease people collect animals in a home, all crammed without basic care. For those who don’t know this disease may feel is not comparable to the abuse of hunters, but the reality is that Laly came to our shelter with the same fear that brought many dogs that have been abandoned by their owners, and their status was pretty miserable.

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The first days of Laly at the shelter were quite difficult. She arrived with Kiara, with whom she lived in the house of the man with Noah’s syndrome, both very frightened. In fact their first night they were hidden, and whenever they saw one of our volunteers they hid them further and they trembled incessantly.

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As always in these cases with affection, dedication and infinite patience of our volunteers Laly was overcoming all their fears, becoming the sweet, loving and happy dog now.

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Laly gets on well with other dogs and she is compatible with cats. There have been times where we’ve noticed her really sad because her partners are gone with their forever families and she is still waiting for one for her.

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Again, no one asks about Laly and she still looking for a family long after for a reason. The reason is none other than her breed. Laly is not a mix of galgo and podenco, which for us makes her even more special, but between all our galgos she seem unnoticed, though we will always say how good she is, how affectionate she shows with everyone and we are sure that you would do a good choice if you decided today to share your life with a dog as Laly, so emotional, so beautiful and so different from what we’re used to seeing.

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If you are interested in adopting Laly please contact us at the following link:

<a title=”Contactar” href=””>¡Quiero Adoptar a Laly!</a>

And if you want to see his data sheet with all the information you have it <a title=”Ficha de Laly” href=”!mg_ld=5762″>here</a>.

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It’s Laly’s time. She is one of the lovest dog by our volunteers, and it’s not only because she is beautiful, it’s also because Laly is […]
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