Dog of the week

Our ‘dog of the week’ is PRESTO!!

Presto has been with us most of his life and it is time this lovely, friendly pup found his forever home. Presto was rescued from the streets when he was very young and came to our shelter along with his brother Tomas and mother Christi who have both found their forever homes already. Unfortunately Presto’s father was shot on the streets where they lived by some heartless men who were just looking for something to do, this is the terrible reality that many abandoned dogs face.

00PRESTO Presto as a puppy after a short time at the shelter.

Presto is a sweet and playful dog and at 6 months he is more that ready to meet his forever family. He loves to play with other dogs and is very sociable with humans as well. He is not at all fearful or dominant, all he wants to do it play and gets lots of cuddles from our volunteers. Presto is growing up quickly and we want him to feel the love of a forever home and be with a family who will always care for him and never leave him on the streets ever again.

presto_pdls_2“Please rub my tummy!!”

Presto is always ready for a tummy rub and can’t get enough of all the cuddles the volunteers give him. He enjoys a good game of catch and playing and sunbathing with his friends at the shelter. As with all puppies Presto needs a family the the patience and discipline to help Presto to continue on his journey to being a happy well behaved adult.


Presto is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate dog that would make a great addition to the family. He is playful and energetic like all healthy puppies and desperately needs to find his forever home so he can grow up with all the love, care and attention every dog needs.

If you are interested in adopting Presto get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Presto!

And if you would like to see further information about Presto you can find it here.

22 September, 2016


Our ‘dog of the week’ is PRESTO!! Presto has been with us most of his life and it is time this lovely, friendly pup found his […]
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