Dog of the week

Our ‘dog of the week’ is Eider!!

Eider is a beautiful black galga that we were able to take out of the local pound and bring to our shelter. In all likelihood she would have been left there by a hunter or breeder who no longer considered her ‘useful’.

Luckily for Eider she has moved in with a fantastic foster family that are helping her to recover from the terrible state she was in when she arrived. She was malnourished and had an old rib fracture but with the care and love of her foster home she has put on 7kg and her old rib fracture does not bother her at all.


Eider is great at making new canine friends in the dog park, she lives with five other dogs and they get along great. Eider is also compatible to live with cats as she doesn’t pay them much attention at all.

Although she gets on great with other animals her main obstacle is overcoming her fear towards humans and men in particular. With women she is a little shy at first but as soon she sees you’re only there to stroke her you’ll have a new friend for life however she is still learning to overcome her fear of men. Whatever her past it is clear she is only used to aggressive behavior from men, when she first arrived she would cower at any gesture a man made towards her, a classic sign of previous abuse. However her foster dad has made great progress in showing her that men can be trusted and little by little her confidence around them is growing.

Eider still has a way to go before she can trust men completely but we are confident that a loving and patient forever home will help her complete this journey she is on.


Eider is a sweet galga that has adapted well to living in a home, she is obedient and walks well on the leash. At home she is calm and is very affectionate towards the women in her life.

Check out a video of Eider having a great time in the dog park: here

Another video of Eider in the dog park, this video shows Eider’s affinity for women (the camera is held by a man): here

Eider has had a tough life but this sweet galga is ready and willing to put that all behind her and find a forever family to complete the next chapter of her life. She is a gentle soul and has already made great strides in overcoming her fears and we know that her forever family will help her complete this journey.

If you are interested in adopting Eider get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Eider!

And if you would like to see further information about Eider you can find it here.

31 May, 2017


Our ‘dog of the week’ is Eider!! Eider is a beautiful black galga that we were able to take out of the local pound and bring […]
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