14 December, 2017
28 December, 2017


This beautiful galga is called Ash, she came from La Guarida.
Ash is looking for a family who won’t left her on the streets like the last one did. A family to go for a long walks with and of course where she can sleep for hours on the sofa.
Ash’s behaviour is perfect, she is a very sociable and kind galga. She loves spending her time surrounded by people, and she shows it to us moving her tail all the time. She also likes being with other dogs, she is a submissive dog, not dominant at all, so that makes it really easy to meet others and feel comfortable with them.
You will be able to go for a walk or to do exercise with Ash, as she goes really well with the leash, always staying by your side.
Ash is a really wonderful galga who deserves a home as good as she is. Do you want to help her to find a family? Adopt her!
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