29 January, 2020
18 February, 2020


The blue prince who comes to conquer your heart this week is called… Archie! And as soon as you see his eyes, you will not resist.

Archie arrived at our shelter with his partner June. Both came from a small town in Jaén (Andalucia) handed in by his galguero. June has lucky because she was already adopted but nobody has yet interested in Archie and we don’t understand why! Has anyone noticed how expressive are his eyes? They seem to be painted!

This 3 years old beauty currently lives in a residence with more dogs. Archie´s past life shouldn’t be easy. from being a scary and a fearful dog, he became a shy and a cautious boy but he has gained a lot of confidence with all the volunteers who take care of him. With people he knows, he behaves in an affectionate, close, cheerful and playful way.

His relationship with the other dogs, it is very good. Archie is a submissive dog who doesn’t like brawls. And the best part is that he also share space in a perfect harmony with cats. Isn’t he a perfect boy!?

We are looking foward to find a house for Archie where they give him the opportunity he deserves. A place where they really show him what true love, confidence and trust means, and also a place where he can also show the kind dog he has inside. A family with patience and experience who know how to take care of it for the rest of his life. Haven’t you fallen for such a look yet? Adopt Archie!

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