10 December, 2019
24 December, 2019


Are you ready to fall in love with our dog of the week?

Here is the wonderful Aldo!!

Aldo is still a mastiff puppy originally from Sevilla who arrived at the shelter a few months ago. Despite his young age, he has already suffered the unconsciousness of the human being. From his birth, he had to handle being chained in a very tiny and small room so he couldn’t even move, preventing his legs to grow and develop in their natural way. Because of that and his malnutrition, he has both front paws a bit deformed but, do you think that it prevents him from living a normal life? Not at all! He has improved so so much! From being a sad and a dejected dog at the beginning, he has become a happy, cheerful and super cuddly dog! Ask to Martina, his chenil partner, he doesn’t leave her alone any second! But the story between them is a real and a true story of love. Its grateful to watch them playing and wallowing of joy. 

Aldo is a sociable, super affectionate and kind dog who loves share space and games with other dogs. And, as soon as he sees the volunteers appear, he jumps on you searching for cuddles and love care. He is all volunteers heart delight… 

Aldo is a fantastic boy. Wherever there are plenty of kisses, cuddles and games, there you will find Aldo. His one and only wish for this christmas is to find a forever family who see through his irresistible way of looking, the huge and the warm heart he has. 

Is there any family prepared to receive a dose of faithful and true love? Adopt him!

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