19 April, 2018
10 May, 2018


Ailan is our dog of the week!
Normally, the life of a galgo is already really hard, but Ailan’s life should be horrible. His nose was cutted in half, because for some galgueros that means they are going to smell better.
But even with that, Ailan is amazing. He moves his tails non-stop when he is with the volunteers, he is affectionate and kind. It looks like he already has forgiven long time ago human beings… He deserves our admiration.
He is sociable with the rest of the dogs and he loves playing. His favourite play is running after the ball, he loves spending time with you and bring it back to you so many times!
Our Ailan is a fighter who deserves a family who will adore him above his appearance, because this little boy is full of love. Adopt him, don’t think about it any more!
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